LC9650 V2.3 - Gold Series

Technical overview

Power supply type Gold Series
ATX standard ATX V2.3 / EPS 12V
20+4 pin mainboard 1x 50 cm
4+4 pin mainboard 12V 1x 50 cm
PCI-Express 2x PCI-Express V2.0 6+2 pin 50 cm
SATA 6 (2x 50 / 2x 65 / 2x 80 cm)
PATA 2 (1x 50 / 1x 65 cm)
FDD 1x 80 cm
Mark of conformity CE / TÜV
Fan 135 mm
PFC active
Dimension h x w x d 86 x 150 x 158 mm
Weight (retail) 2,243 kg
Power rating 600W
max. peak load 650W
+3,3V 20A
+5V 20A
max. combined 125W
+12V1 36A
+12V2 36A
max. combined 600W
Efficiency up to 90,07%
Standby consumption 0,4W - ErP 2013
Security circuitry OVP = Over-Voltage Protection
OCP = Over-Current Protection
OPP = Over-Power Protection
OTP = Over-Temperature Protection
SCP = Short-Circuit Protection
UVP = Under-Voltage Protection
Multirange (110V/220V) no
Haswell compatible yes
Warranty 3 years




80 PLUS® GOLD certified

Dual/Quad Core support

2x PCI-Express V2.0 6+2 pin

2x +12V circuits

super silent 135 mm fan

black cable sleeving

Incl. Active PFC (power factor correction for an efficient use of the spent energy) and all relevant safety circuitry (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, UVP, SCP)