Power Supply Units

LC-Power offers you for every operation the right power supply. From office over middle-class up to the high-end sector, our PSUs are characterized for high steadiness, silent work and a good price-performance ratio.

Super Silent Series

Classic power supplies - 350W-650W, 80 PLUS®


Platinum Series

80 PLUS® PLATINUM - 550W-1200W - full modular cable managment


Office Series

Our office power supplies for the entry level


TFX Power Supplies

TFX Power Supplies for HTPCs


Mining Edition

1650W-1800W power supplies specially designed for mining systems!


GP2 & GP3 Series

Silent, powerful and efficient - the upper power supply series - 450W-650W, 80 PLUS®


Metatron Gaming Series

High-End and Gaming Series - 550W-850W, 80 PLUS®


Micro ATX

Micro ATX PSU for the upper office sector


ITX Power Supplies

ITX power supplies for Mini-ITX computer systemes


GP4 Series

80 PLUS® GOLD 230V EU certified PSUs - 460W-650W


Silent Series

Access to the middle-class - 550W


SFX Power Supplies

SFX PSUs for the upper office sector, mini PCs and HTPCs



Universal power supplies for notebooks