Power Supply Units

LC-Power offers you for every operation the right power supply. From office over middle-class up to the high-end sector, our PSUs are characterized for high steadiness, silent work and a good price-performance ratio.

Super Silent Series

Classic power supplies - 350W-650W, 80 PLUS®


Platinum Series

80 PLUS® PLATINUM - 550W-1200W - full modular cable managment


Office Series

Our office power supplies for the entry level


TFX Power Supplies

TFX Power Supplies for HTPCs


Mining Edition

1650W power supply specially designed for mining systems!


GP2 & GP3 Series

Silent, powerful and efficient - the upper power supply series - 450W-650W, 80 PLUS®


Metatron Gaming Series

High-End and Gaming Series - 650W-850W, 80 PLUS®


Micro ATX

Micro ATX PSU for the upper office sector


ITX Power Supplies

ITX power supplies for Mini-ITX computer systemes


GP4 Series

80 PLUS® GOLD 230V EU certified PSUs - 460W-650W


Silent Series

Access to the middle-class - 550W


SFX Power Supplies

SFX PSUs for the upper office sector, mini PCs and HTPCs



Universal power supplies for notebooks