AiRazor Gaming Series

Experience AiRazor, the new high-end gaming product line from the house of LC-Power!
AiRazor offers you the latest technology paired with valuable materials that leave nothing to be desired!

Be it a perfect cooling for your system, ultra-precision handling at the next gaming session or simply a noble design being the absolute eyecatcher at every LAN party, AiRazor offers you everything!

AiRazor - developed from enthusiasts for enthusiasts!

Gaming Cases

High-quality PC cases for the gaming sector


Case Fans

Decoupled case fans with an optimal cooling performance


RAM Cooler

RAM cooler for single- and double-sided RAM modules


Gaming Keyboards

Mechanical gaming keyboards with a perfect keystroke


Fan Speed Controller

Fan speed controller for precise control of the case fans


Gaming Mice & Pads

Gaming mice & pads for an ultra-precision handling


CPU Cooler

High-perfomance CPU cooler